Equipment On Site

For lights, all the following included at no extra charge:

10 Kino-Flo type lights hanging from the ceiling grid (and movable if necessary) – they are made by a company called Stellar Lighting here in Hollywood and take Kino-Flo bulbs:

8 count of 6-bulb lights,
2 count of 2-bulb lights (used for headlights),
(all hanging from the grid)

On the ground we have:

5 Kino-Flo type lights on rollers, (3 are on C-Stand rollers) which include:

2 count of 6-bulb lights with removable diffusion cloths over them,

1 count 4 LED (daylight white only) bulb light on a rolling tripod,

1 count of Rear-Head Circular light,


1 full body 16-bulb 5-ft tall light also on rollers (to blast the heck out of everyone if you want!),

plus we have an RGB LED Ring-Light.

Everything is daylight balanced (5500k), individually dimmable (no DMX) and all included for free with the rental of the studio.

You can rig your own lights to the grid as well, it can hold in excess of 1,000 lbs.

We have a small selection of random gels for the lights as well but check with us to see that we have enough of what you are looking for.

Additional Equipment:

We also include a 50” Samsung TV Monitor on a rolling 6 foot tall TV stand with HDMI in, SDI in, and AppleTV – great for plugging your camera into or mirroring your laptop.

There is also a very loud speaker with Bluetooth that you can connect your phone or computer to, in order to play or blast music.

We have loads of stingers, plus 2 BATES Stage 3 Pin power plugs. Each with 60 Amps and 120 Volts and we have 2 x 60Amp Bento “Hollywood Boxes” with (3) NEMA 20 Amp Circuits power distribution to 2 x 6 outlet units which are connected to the BATES plugs via 25 & 50 foot extension cords. We have a 220 Volt 30 Amp outlet if you need it as well. We also have a 2nd industrial power circuit box that can be pulled from, from or connected VIP area.

We have 4 additional C-Stands with articulating arms on them – so, 7 C-Stands total, if you include the ones with lights attached.

We also have a seamless stand that can hold a 9 or 12 foot wide seamless roll, or you can use 2 of the c-stands to hold the backdrops.

We have a big clothes steamer and 1 professional sized clothing rack.

We have 10 x 25-30 lb. sand bags.

2 x standard sized Apple Boxes.

2 Ladders: 1 x 10-foot double-sided-A Frame step ladder and 1 x 6-foot single sided A-Frame ladder.

4 tall director’s chairs (2 black and 2 red)

We also have super cold air conditioning.