Studio Rates

$100-150/hr $150-175/hr

4 Hour Minimum

If we have to repaint the entire floor, it’s between $100 – $200 extra (depending on the number of coats needed), which basically covers the cost of paint. This sometimes happens with shoots that take the whole day or where lots of people end up walking all over the floor without the booties. This is not added until after your shoot if it’s determined to be needed at all, and if we’re there at the end of your shoot, we’ll discuss it with you, to see if you agree.

$200 repainting charge for a car: A car (or two) in the studio is an automatic $200 extra repainting charge per car. You must notify us if you are bringing a car when you book as we may not be able to allow it if there is a booking immediately afterwards as the paint won’t have time to dry, so let us know when you book, just in case.

The use of Glitter or Confetti is a NO NO. It will add between $200 to $1,000 in cleaning costs automatically to your shoot as it’s almost impossible to remove it. The cost depends on how much was used and where it is tracking in the studio.

The studio is pre-lit with existing lights in place allowing you to save time and start shooting very quickly. WE DO NOT WANT YOU TO REMOVE & REHANG OUR LIGHTS BECAUSE THEY GET DAMAGED EVERY TIME PEOPLE MOVE THEM. They cost $750-$1,000 per light. The grid has plenty of room to hang additional lights on it so there should be no reason to need to remove our lights. You can move a light to the side if you want, just as long as you slide it back in place when you are done. If you feel that you want to remove our lights and put them back where they were (you do the moving), you will be charged $300 (It’s an Add-On item) just to cover the wear and tear on the lights. You must put them back in the exact same location you found them as well.

In California it is illegal to smoke or vape in a commercial facility, therefore it is not allowed in the studio. If someone breaks the rules there will be an additional cleaning charge (approx. $150 to steam the carpets) to get the smell out of the studio as we have people of all ages, including children, who shoot at our studio.

$50/hr extra for any hours pre 8am or post 8pm. If you book the studio before 8am or from 8pm on, we need to adjust the price for those super early or super late hours to $50/hr extra for just those early or late hours. That gets taken care of the day of the shoot. Also, try to book the hours you need, if you go over, overage hours are calculated at 1.5x the normal rate.

The standard rates are for 1-5 people.

6-15 people adds $25/hr to the rate. 

16-24 people adds $50/hr to the hourly rate.

25-40 people adds $75/hr to the rate.

Please consider your setup and teardown needs for the day and factor that time into your booking accordingly. The hours you book are the time you are in the studio to the time you leave, including setup and breakdown, so please compute the hours you need with that in mind as we can’t rent the studio out to other people if you are still in it 🙂

Other than that, we are totally chill!